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Correcting the Cause

Young Professionals Connection Optimal Health

June 26, 2017

Vero Chiropractic LogoIn life, when an issue arises, figuring out what caused the problem is a top priority.  Unfortunately, it is often hard to not focus on the symptoms. For example, if the foundation of your house is off, your windows might not shut and your doors might not close but you don’t need new doors or need to install new windows, you need to correct the foundation. You need to correct the cause of the problem. In America, we far too often try to cover up our health concerns with medications or surgeries. But what happens when as soon as someone with high blood pressure stops taking their pills? Their blood pressure goes right back up. So, was the medication correcting the issue or just simply masking the problem? Just masking it, right. I think we would all agree that the better solution is to correct the cause of the problem.  

Communication Throughout the Body

As a neurologically based chiropractor this is exactly what I do. Rather than working with the muscles and bones, like a traditional chiropractor, I work directly with your nerve system, your brain and spinal cord, which control every function in your body. By doing an in-depth analysis I can determine exactly at which levels in your spine your brain and body are not communicating properly.

Do you remember playing the game telephone when growing up? Where a bunch of kids sit in a circle and all repeat the same message. Well, what happened if someone says the wrong message? EVERYTHING is messed up after that! Your body works in a very similar fashion. If you have a misalignment at the top of your spine, causing nerve interference, then not only could it cause headaches but it could also cause digestive issues or sciatica. You see, where you feel the pain is not necessarily where the cause of the issue is coming from. Just like when someone has a heart attack and their left shoulder and jaw hurt.

Optimal Health

Our goal is not for you to just temporarily feel better causing you to and have to continually come back for pain relief. An ibuprofen can do the same thing at a far less cost. Our goal at Vero Chiropractic is to not only get you to your optimal level of health and but to keep you there, for life.

As a benefit to all Young Professionals Connection (YPC) members, Vero Chiropractic, would like to extend a full neurological evaluation, muscle assessment and complete consultation at no cost. (Normally $100 value).

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Written by: Dr. Josiah Fitzsimmons