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4 Tips to Stick With It!

Stick With Exercise in DSM USA

Summertime is upon us!! That means hotter temperatures and less clothing. Feeling a little uncomfortable with the winter layer you acquired during those dark and cold months? I’m right there with you.

Summer is often a time people decide to get more active, shed a few pounds and feel good in their swimsuit. Being fit and healthy is not only great for your self-esteem when you hit the pool, it’s also important to your overall quality of life and mental state. Starting a healthy habit is easy, but where most of us fail is sticking with it.

The Power of Habit

Charles Duhigg, author of ‘The Power of Habit’ says in we can never really extinguish a bad habit. We can only create new ones using a system of cue, routine and reward. By creating this ‘habit loop’, we can build behaviors that stand the test of cravings. No more giving into those free office donuts or late night pizza snacks (Big Tomato, anyone?)

With the long days and warmer temperatures, summer is a great time to start a new exercise routine.

Four Tips to Stick With It

Start Early

With the summer days heating up pretty quickly, it’s best to get out in the morning and enjoy a run before the sun starts beating down. Hop on your bike and enjoy the quiet of the trails before you shower up for work. With so many amazing activities happening around town, getting your exercise done before you start your day leaves you free to enjoy those post-work happy hours and outdoor live music.

Do Something You Like

Don’t like running? Don’t do it. Biking not your thing? Park it. Really love swimming? Jump right in! If you force yourself to do something you aren’t really into, chances are you will quit before you even start. Pick something you enjoy so you can wake up looking forward to swinging kettlebells, throwing tires or whatever suits your fancy.

Enlist Help

Having a workout buddy is a HUGE success tool. If you make plans to meet a friend and they are counting on you being there, most likely you won’t hit snooze 15 times and talk yourself into just ‘one more minute.’ Ask a friend to join you a couple times a week or sign up for an exercise class where other people can help hold you accountable.

Schedule It

If you are anything like me- if it isn’t on the calendar, it’s not going to happen. Writing down a day and time you will be exercising builds that structure into your day. It also provides some relief knowing you won’t have to squeeze it in around all the other fun summer activities you have planned. Pick a day, pick a time and stick with it!

These four things will set you up to keep that routine long after the days get shorter and the temperatures get cooler.

And to build the habit loop? Think of the delicious post-workout smoothie you can enjoy once you get your sweat on.

*Tell us how you keep your exercise routine going! #ypcwinterlayerremoval

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