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3 Easy Ways to Step Into Your Own Power

Young Professinals Find Own Power

Power. That’s a pretty strong word and can be quite intimidating, can’t it? When I talk about stepping into your own power, I mean finding your own voice, starting to believe in yourself, trusting your thoughts, feeling your feelings and taking action.

It’s very easy for us to be influenced by external factors, whether it’s emotionally, mentally, physically, socially or environmentally.  In turn, we often start acting a different way and doing any saying things just to fit in and survive socially. Fear sets in. We’ve lost ourselves, our voice, and we’re constantly worried about what others think about us. We fear being different or thinking differently. Anxiety and stress set in, panic attacks arise and we start avoiding things all together. Well, it’s time to stop acting this way. But is it easy to do?  Yes, it is, and here’s how.

Don't Hide Your Feelings

 As a society, we tend to label feelings as good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable. We allow ourselves to truly feel some feelings but not others. I think that’s a crock, and it’s time to stop that! No feelings are inherently good and no feelings are inherently bad. Feeling are just, well, feelings. It’s time to allow anger, sadness, resentment, frustration, heartbreak, happiness, or whatever emotion you feel to come out.  Maybe these feelings are from something that happened in the past, or maybe it’s something from today. Maybe they’re from something that happened to you or someone else, or maybe they’re from a group or a world issue. Who cares where they come from, though. It’s time to let your feelings out. 

Apply Non-judgement

The more we apply non-judgment and neglect to label feelings, the more we’re able to look outside of ourselves and let go of our own egos based on that fear of judgment.  When we do this, we save the energy that drains us as we worry about judgment. We are connected with our higher selves, and the feeling of peace and clarity become more abundant. 

Challenge the Thought

Change the thought.  We form opinions and judgments about an event, situation, person or experience and believe them to be true. For example, I believe feeling sadness is a weakness because only weak people experience and feel sad. If you’re tough, there is no sadness. Therefore, if I show sadness (weakness) I will be judged.

CHANGE THE THOUGHT. What’s another way to look at that same situation? 

The ability to feel sadness is an emotion that allows me truly be my authentic self. It allows me to be empathic toward others and myself. It’s an opportunity for me to connect with my core emotions and also be in tune with the emotions of others. According to this, then … how true is it that sadness is a bad emotion? It doesn’t have to be. Challenge it!

Listen to Your Body

It’s true that when you’re connected with your core, you feel physical reactions toward any given emotion. When you’re sad you feel lethargic, your heart feels crushed and you have a huge pit in your stomach. When you’re happy you feel it in your heart, you start walking with your shoulders up and you smile. It’s a physical reaction, no doubts about that. So get out of your head and into your heart, listen to your body and roll with what it says. 

I invite you this week to be present to your feelings and witness when fear or judgment is running the show. It’s helpful to be aware of the issues in the world – not to fear and worry about the issues, but instead to understand the intention for peace. Get rid of the energy in your life that isn’t working for you as it relates to feelings. Take responsibility for the way you react and let it leave your ego. You will find that when you actually let go of trying to control your feelings and emotions, you step into your own power and start living more consciously. 

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