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From maintaining planters bursting with gorgeous blooms to ensuring a welcoming space for visitors and residents, Operation Downtown plays a vital role to ensure that our city's vibrant urban center remains inviting and beautiful. Operation Downtown invests in aesthetics by planting and maintaining attractive flower planters and plant beds that adorn the Downtown Des Moines (DSM) streets, as well as hanging flower baskets that grace the Historic East Village and Historic Court Avenue District areas. Together with the Des Moines Park and Recreation Department, Operation Downtown plants and maintains hundreds of planters and plant beds each year.

Small Planter Program

Operation Downtown’s small planter program encourages individual companies to invest in beautification of their property by purchasing small planters to place outside their place of business. Though these planters are smaller in size, they have a huge impact on Downtown DSM. This unique opportunity encourages smaller businesses to get involved in the beautification of Downtown DSM at an affordable price.

Hanging Basket Program

Colorful hanging baskets adorn East Locust Street and the Historic Court Avenue District. Whether you’re shopping in the Historic East Village or enjoying a Saturday at the Downtown Farmers’ Market, you can enjoy the hanging baskets brightening the streets.

Flower Beds/Green Space

Operation Downtown hires contractors to maintain flower beds and green spaces on East Locust Street, in Western Gateway Park, Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, the Principal Riverwalk, Walnut Street and the Robert D. Ray Asian Gardens. These colorful displays brighten Downtown DSM and its walkable streets, trails and parks.

To participate in any of these programs, contact Operation Downtown.