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Dogs & Downtown DSM

Downtown Des Moines (DSM) is known for being a safe, clean, welcoming and vibrant neighborhood for animals and humans alike. You can help maintain this reputation and keep Downtown residents, workers, visitors and your furry companions safe by following this simple advice.

Tips for Dog Owners

  1. Keep your dog on a leash when walking the Downtown DSM streets. Not only is it a city ordinance but doing so will keep your dog safe from passing cars and other hazards.
  2. Make the most of Operation Downtown's Dog Bag Dispensers by using one of the biodegradable bags to pick up after your dog. With 100 Dog Bag Dispensers and 250 trash cans located throughout Downtown DSM, cleaning up after your dog is immediately accessible.
  3. Take your dog out for a nice afternoon of play at the Riverwalk Dog Park, located just north of the interstate along the Principal Riverwalk.
  4. If your dog gets thirsty, stop by the water station located in front of the HubSpot along the Riverwalk, or head over to Ewing Dog Park.
  5. Enjoy a walk along one of the 600 miles of trails leading to Downtown DSM.

The City of Des Moines offers more information about the Dog Park along the Riverwalk and other useful tools:


Contact Operation Downtown at (515) 282-0378 if any of the Dog Bag Dispensers are empty or if you have questions regarding dog safety and best practices.