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Member Spotlight

Lauren Johnson


Lauren Johnson


Polk County Housing Trust Fund


Clive, Iowa

Alma mater:

University of South Carolina 

Words to live by:

"Work hard and be nice to people"


  Lauren is on the steering committee for the United Way of Central Iowa's 21-Day Equity Challenge. This self-guided learning program, beginning on October 5, will be a powerful way for central Iowans to "develop a deeper understanding of how inequity and racism affect our lives and our community." Lauren has helped expand the reach of the challenge and encourage community partners to sign on, including YPC.

Through her work as Director of Communications and Community Outreach at Polk County Housing Trust, Lauren is helping to produce, write, and edit a series of "Undesign the Redline" video modules to supplement the 21-Day Equity Challenge. These modules will examine discriminatory redlining practices (including in Des Moines) that put services out of reach for neighborhoods based on race or ethnicity. Lauren's community and professional work helps greater Des Moines better understand the systemic inequities that affect many of our neighbors.

What is Member Spotlight?

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