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Greater Des Moines Partnership Launches Small Business Wellness Toolkit

December 30, 2014

When regional member businesses of the Greater Des Moines Partnership ring in the New Year this week, they will have an added value to their investment in their local Chamber of Commerce to celebrate. The Partnership, along with Capital Crossroads Vision Plan partners, the Healthiest State Initiative, and GetActiveDSM launched the GetActive Workplace Wellness Toolkit today, aimed at helping local small businesses provide a turn-key wellness programming for their employees in 2015. 

The GetActive Workplace Wellness Toolkit was inspired by the support of the Greater Des Moines (DSM) business community to make Iowa the healthiest state in the nation by 2016. A Capital Crossroads survey conducted in 2013 revealed that many small business owners like the idea of helping their employees remain healthy, but don’t have enough time, knowledge, or resources to implement a program. The GetActive Workplace Wellness Toolkit seeks to remove those barriers by arming small businesses with “plug-and-play” content to help them implement a wellness program within their offices.  The program is a benefit of membership to one of the Partnership’s 23 Affiliate Chambers of Commerce in Central Iowa and is available to them at no additional cost.

Each month, Chamber member businesses may download a new one-page poster and handout that provides wellness tips, facts, and resources to give employees immediate takeaways that they can incorporate in their daily lives. Here’s an example:

“For every hour of exercise you do, you could live two hours longer, even if you don’t start working out until you are middle aged!”

Employers may also download a daily health tip that they can email to employees. Each month the GetActive Workplace Wellness Toolkit will feature a different theme. January 2015’s theme focuses on the importance of movement and physical activity. February’s theme will be dental health. March’s theme will focus on healthful ways to handle stress.  The materials are available to view on the Partnership’s website at DSMpartnership.com/getactive.

For more information about the GetActive Workplace Wellness Toolkit, or the benefits of Chamber membership, contact any of the 23 Affiliated Chambers of Commerce in Greater Des Moines.  A full list is available at DSMpartnership.com/about/affiliate-chambers. Media inquiries should be directed to Susan Ramsey at (515) 286-4954 or sramsey@DSMpartnership.com.

About the Greater Des Moines Partnership

The Greater Des Moines Partnership is the economic and community development organization that serves Greater Des Moines (DSM), Iowa. Together with 23 Affiliate Chambers of Commerce, more than 6,100 Regional Business Members and more than 320 Investors, The Partnership drives economic growth with one voice, one mission and as one region. Through innovation, strategic planning and global collaboration, The Partnership grows opportunity, helps create jobs and promotes DSM as the best place to build a business, a career and a future. Learn more at DSMpartnership.com.