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Startups and Health Insurance - An Honest Discussion

Geoff Wood of Silicon Prairie News and Andy Brudtkhul of 48web host a weekly video podcast called PrairieCast. Last week they had a very interesting discussion about health insurance for entrepreneurs. One of the guests was Tej Dhawan from StartupCity Des Moines. Tej recently left his partnership of many years and is back in startup mode with his latest endeavor. Tej is younger than my 50 years, but not as young as the typical entrepreneur. He and I share an affliction that affects our ability to get healthcare coverage, also known as the pre-existing condition.

Healthcare Coverage Issues for Entrepreneurs

In the video podcast starting around the 30-minute mark Tej, Geoff and Andy discuss the subject of health insurance and startups. It is truly interesting to hear the exchange. Tej did a great job of laying out the issues facing entrepreneurs, especially those who have a pre-existing condition. It is a subject that gets little coverage yet stops many would-be entrepreneurs dead in their tracks.

Without getting political, I can tell you that many potential entrepreneurs stop pursuing their plans when they find out they cannot secure the healthcare coverage they need when they are no longer a part of a group buying plan.