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How Biking to Work Benefits Businesses

Bike Month

May 13, 2019

Bike Month is Quality Time for Businesses 

Street Collective DSM USAMay is Bike Month: a time that brings a smile to my face seeing so many people out on bikes. But Bike Month is more than just a good time with some great events. Bike Month is a glimpse at the value and potential bicycling has for the business community in Greater Des Moines (DSM). 

Quality of Life

Quality of life is a common refrain from businesses trying to acquire and retain talent. People are valuing quality of life more than ever, with younger generations prioritizing amenities and location over traditional benefits and opportunity. More and more people choose where to live before finding a job, quite the change from years past. Biking is one piece of this new puzzle, and DSM, with its expansive trail system, is a cyclist’s dream. 

Organizations like Bike Iowa and the Des Moines Cycle Club have the recreational aspects of biking in DSM covered, promoting events and racing opportunities among other things. But what about biking as a way of transportation?

Quality of Work

Biking and walking — as part of a daily routine, like commuting — have been shown to increase productivity among employees and reduce absenteeism. Adding physical activity, even twenty to thirty minutes a day, is crucial to your employees’ health. 

Bike Month Quality of Work

I’ve heard from public health officials all over the country say that if physical activity could be turned into a pill, it would be the number one prescribed medication. Starting the day with a bike ride wakes up the mind, gets the blood moving and prepares people to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Plus, you get the added benefit of lower health insurance costs, both to the employee and employer.

[Download the Exercise & Get Moving GetActive Toolkit for more info.]

Quality of Community

So what ties this all together? Quality of community. Competitive cities are vibrant and healthy communities that foster active lifestyles in an accessible way. As mentioned above, DSM has a fantastic trail system, low cost-of-living and a strong business community. This is a great foundation to build from as we continue to connect these amenities together.

Investing in Safer Streets & Active Transportation

Bike Month is an opportunity to enjoy this confluence of characteristics and a call to action to keep improving upon this valuable investment.

While residents are experiencing first-hand the ease of bicycling in DSM, it’s difficult not to also notice the existing challenges to it as a full-blown transportation option. Our trails are incredible, until you need to leave them to reach your destination. Without on-street facilities that leverage the existing system, many people face unsafe conditions and uncomfortable situations trying to get around outside of a car.

The opportunity is there to continue to increase connectivity through the trails system and improve mobility. Through initiatives like Connect Downtown, we can work together to create safe, convenient options of transportation, including developing trails for biking.

Bike Month Community

A healthy and productive workforce, a competitive business environment and a vibrant community: biking can be a common thread linking these together. From rides and events to volunteering and learning, Bike Month is a catalyst for new habits, new ideas and new opportunities to keep moving forward. We hope to see you out there!

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Whether it’s a morning on the lake or an evening spent riding through Greater Des Moines’ (DSM’s) 800 miles of connected recreational trails, the region has many outdoor options.

Mike Armstrong

Mike Armstrong is an AICP Transportation Planner specializing in improving conditions for walking, biking, rolling and riding transit. Mike has developed programming and redesigned the built environment for major companies, cities and more. With Street Collective, Mike leads efforts for safer streets and a higher quality of life throughout DSM.