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Ben Milne Speaking at the BIZ on March 23

Join Ben Milne, cofounder and CEO of Dwolla, as he discusses a wide range of topics spanning the distance from Des Moines to the Midwest Silicon Prairie. He'll share his experiences as a successful entrepreneur in Greater Des Moines (DSM), what it's like raising money in Des Moines, details about the Silicon Prairie and how to find funding there, what to expect when your startup attracts attention, and more.

Milne's entrepreneurial roots run deep and he has a wealth of effective information to share. Along with being a board member of the Des Moines Social Media Club, Milne has extensive community experience in speaking, mentoring and leadership programs.

The Biz Event Info

$12 admission fee (includes lunch)
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. March 23, 2011
Des Moines Partnership
700 Locust St., Ste. 100

Square One DSM, an initiative of the Greater Des Moines Partnership, is formerly known as Business Innovation Zone (BIZ).