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There’s always something new happening in Downtown Des Moines (DSM). Read up on the latest vibrant city news and/or take a look at expert opinions on where Downtown DSM is going from here. From op-eds to advice and business articles, guest bloggers post their content below on the blog. For more regional info, check out additional content from the DSM USA blog.

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Downtown Farmers' Market 'Huge' for the Wheatgrass Girl

June 6, 2018

Wheatgrass shots have been served up for 15 years at The Market in Downtown Des Moines (DSM).

DSM Companies Work Together to Build Vibrant Addition to Downtown

June 5, 2018

How Greater Des Moines (DSM) company ASI Signage landed the bid to create signage for Kum & Go's new headquarters.

'Non-Recipe' Recipe: Spring Market Pasta

May 30, 2018

A delicious way to make a quick pasta dish using only Downtown Farmers' Market ingredients.

I Could Have Lived Anywhere but I Chose DSM USA

May 22, 2018

When I graduated college, I weighed up several different cities. For me, it has to be Downtown Des Moines (DSM).

Make the Most of Bike Month in Greater Des Moines (DSM)

May 16, 2018

Take advantage of Greater Des Moines' (DSM's) abundance of trails this summer.

Panda Palooza Charity Event Will Make This Wedding One to Remember

May 10, 2018

Supporting Amanda the Panda, Panda Palooza combines two great celebrations into one.

5 Things You Should Do at 80/35

May 8, 2018

First or 11th time to 80/35? Here's how to make the most of the music festival in Downtown Des Moines (DSM).

Going Gluten Free and Vegan at the Downtown Farmers' Market

May 4, 2018

New options for 2018 at Des Moines' Downtown Farmers' Market include gluten free and vegan vendors.

The Countdown to Opening Day of the Farmers' Market Begins!

May 2, 2018

We're giving away 200 bells to help ring Opening Day of the Downtown Farmers' Market in style.

Kitchen Collage Owner Shares How She's Stayed in Business for 20 Years

April 4, 2018

Kitchen Collage has long been a feature in Historic East Village in Downtown DSM.