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The Great DSM Hot Air Balloon Hunt

This activity has concluded for 2021. Stay tuned for announcements of more surprise and delight moments by following @downtownDSMUSA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Find more Downtown Des Moines (DSM) events and activities here.

About the Event

Downtown DSM residents and guests discovered several hot air balloons glowing through downtown during the 2021 Great DSM Hot Air Balloon Hunt. The balloons were conveniently located near retailers, restaurants and attractions throughout downtown to encourage patrons to support local while participating in the balloon hunt.

Once spotted, balloon seekers were encouraged to post photos of the glowing balloons on social media and include #downtownDSM.

Remember To Support Local

For ideas on restaurants to support while visiting Downtown DSM, visit the DSM Local web page or the #DSMlocal Buying Guide

2021 Balloon Pilots & Downtown DSM Volunteers

Special thank you to the pilots that participated in the 2021 Great DSM Hot Air Balloon Hunt and all the volunteers that supported the event.  

  • Eric Martens 
  • Mike Green  
  • Chris King 
  • Grant Pfeifer
  • Tim Cloyd 
  • Denny Anderson 
  • Jeremy King 
  • Scott Edgerton 
  • Terry Garrett 
  • Angelica Haus 
  • Jason Hartson