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Dine at These 7 Relaxing Rooftop Patios in DSM

May 28, 2019

Whether it's for dinner or drinks or both, these rooftop restaurants and bars are perfect for summer.

My Twin Sister is Jealous I live in DSM USA

May 27, 2019

In Paris and New York City, I never found "home." I've found it in Greater Des Moines (DSM).

Episode 26: Improving Speech Therapy Across the U.S.

May 24, 2019

ClinicNote's Lana Fox explains how ClinicNote has created an easier way for speech therapists to work.

Area515 Approaches 8 Years in DSM USA

May 23, 2019

Area515 Maker Space continues to expand in Downtown Des Moines (DSM) and attract new members.

Escape the Office and Unwind at Out to Lunch in DSM

May 22, 2019

Out to Lunch series offers workers a chance to catch some live music and food vendors in Downtown DSM.

The Impact of Volunteerism on Community and Your Wellbeing

May 21, 2019

Volunteers in DSM have the chance to give back, build connections and focus on their own wellbeing.

Keeping DMDC2019 Priorities Top of Mind

May 21, 2019

DMDC federal priorities are consistent with The Partnership 2019 priorities.

Plug in. Ramp up. Disrupt our Expectations with your New Ideas

May 20, 2019

Chris Conetzkey explains how Greater Des Moines (DSM) is the place for new ideas and opportunity.

Mentorship and Moving Your Business Forward

May 17, 2019

Learn how to prepare for mentorship and how to listen and be coachable.

Planning the Creative Youth Art & Music Festival in DSM

May 16, 2019

Erica Benson, co-creator of the Creative Youth Collective discusses producing a new youth art and music festival.